The challenges of our time demand that we as individuals and as collectives (relationships, family, work, nation, world population…), find new ways and approaches to deal with the problems we are facing in this world. Crucial for finding new and meaningful paths is our inner consciousness with which we approach such processes of change and development.  Only by looking inside can we bring a sustainable development into external appearance.

At we work with a holistic approach, which means that we adapt to every individual and every group in order to customise our course of action accordingly. We use various forms of intervention such as:

Integrative awareness work
Core Energetics , Psychotherapy, Integral Psychology , systemic constellations , psychodrama , shadow work

Energy and bodywork
Body Psychotherapy , Bioenergetic Body Work, Shamanism , Relaxation Techniques

Equine Facilitated Consciousness Work
EponaQuest (Linda Kohanov) , therapeutic riding and horse assisted therapy, Horse Boy Method , animal communication, body psychotherapy with the horse, horsemanship