»Life is not a problem to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.«

– Nietsche

Core Energetics

Core Energetics is an energy orientated approach of body psychotherapy. It shows us a path through which we experience the connection between body and soul. The energy flow between body and soul is interrupted and blocked through hurtful experiences of our past. This creates an energetic imbalance in the body. The core energetic work helps us to discover and dissolve blocks through bioenergetic exercises, breath work and systemic elements. Emotions that arise into consciousness can be expressed and processed so that the connected memories of situations in the past can find closure. Following this, more of our energy is available for the creation of our lives.

My approach is also inspired by personal development, integrative consciousness processes, body- and energy work, shadow work and shamanism.


  • Recognising and developing inner potential
  • Activating of inborn resources
  • Increasing interpersonal functioning and conflict resolution abilities
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Releasing of suppressed emotion and restore balance
  • Increasing bodily self regulation
  • Strenghtening the connection to the authentic/true self

Elements we work with

  • Body: Body organisation, segments and blocks
  • Cognition: Thoughts, beliefs, inner images and concepts
  • Energy: Energy flow, charge, discharge and containment
  • Emotions: Expression, regulation, meaning
  • Relationship: Projection and transference, delegation, boundaries