»Congruency over conformity. Authenticity over perfection. Adaptability and Inquisitiveness over methodology.«

– Linda Kohanov

Leadership Training

The principles of leadership of our times are still profoundly influenced by the Darwinian law of „the survival of the fittest“. Those who enter management level mostly jump into a shark tank and into an environment that is dominated by predator mentality. Here the priority is to hunt and conquer territory. Determining factors are dominance and power. In the daily work life though and particularly in teams the dominance factor proves to be limited. Pressure does not often yield lasting results. More and more often the integrative leadership styles are discussed and applied. This is also what we teach.

Dominance as leadership principle is fairly established in people’s minds. Today we know though that in nature, leaders of evolution are not the most dominant but rather the ones who can most successfully manage new situations. This is the curious one who is willing to step into and deal with the unknown and unexplored.

In our leadership training we cover the following

  • Recognising emotions as information
  • Learning and observing non verbal communication
  • Raising the tolerance of vulnerability and encouraging personal growth
  • Increasing of self motivation and motivation of others
  • Activating inner resources
  • Gaining awareness about own style and behaviour
  • Exploring consensual Leadership