»The horse draws the human soul to inhabit the world of agility and creativity. To move with purpose and fluency in his realm and beauty.«

– Charlotte Angin

Equine Facilitated Consciousness Development (inspired by Linda Kohanov – EponaQuestTM)

Equine Facilitated Consciousness Development is a powerful and effective  approach maximizing the partnership of human and horse. This dynamic, experiential method engages people in experiences with horses resulting in personal growth, better relationships and uncovered potential. Horses are great teachers for us if we want to discover our true selves and learn more about relationships. They are social and authentic beings and never deceive us. As prey animals they have the uncanny ability to perceive and react to subtle energetic and emotional changes in others and therefore mirror their surroundings. They can easily transfer that skill to their interactions with people and constantly reflect our behaviour and our emotions. This work with horses makes people reconnect with their body and heart rather than their analytical mind. Non-verbal communication and language are pre-dominant. Horse related activities are done on the ground and no traditional riding is involved.

My approach includes horse assisted coaching, equine assisted therapy and riding therapy for children.

Objectives of Equine Facilitated Consciousness Development

  • Reconnecting with the authentic or true self
  • Learning about non-verbal communication
  • Learning and exercise emotional agility
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  • Strengthening relationship with the self and others
  • Raising self esteem and self awareness
  • Developing trust and respect
  • Managing experiences and memories related to trauma or past experiences